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Newspaper Article: Missing Native Girls

West Australian

11 August 1931

The Chief Protector of Aborigines, Mr. A.O. Neville, is concerned about three native girls, ranging from eight to 15 years of age, who a week ago, ran away from the Moore River Native Settlement, Mogumber. They came in from the Nullagine district recently, Mr O'Neville said yesterday and, being very timid, were scared by their new quarters, apparently, and fled in the hope of getting back home. Some people saw them passing New Norcia, when they seemed to be heading northeast. The children would probably keep away from habitations and he would be greatful if any person who saw them would notify him promptly. "We have been searching high and low for the children for a week past," added Mr O'Neville, "and all the trace we found of them was a dead rabbit which they had been trying to eat. We are very anxious that no harm may come to them in the bush."

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